How Luna’s money was spent 2016-2017

“The wonderful thing about donating to Luna is that the sustainable model means the money you give has an amazing value in real-world impact. Luna is an incredibly cost- effective charity, so any little donation goes a long way. In the pie chart below, project support and overhead costs came into Luna’s bank account from corporate sponsors, already earmarked to pay for temporary interns (giving young people valuable work experience in the process). In other words, only a very tiny amount of the money you give to Luna goes into costs like these. The vast majority goes directly to the field: into Luna’s training courses and special projects”

– Amy Maynard, Luna intern

Annual Reports and Accounts

Annual Report and Accounts 2011

Annual Report and Accounts 2012

Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Annual Report and Accounts 2014

Annual Report and Accounts 2015


 Annual Report and Accounts 2017 Final October 2017 pdf

Annual Report and Accounts 2018 approved 11.9.18 docx