Uganda 2016 feedback and photos

This was one of the longest and most complex trips that Luna has undertaken to date. It had several objectives, as follows:

To deliver a Level 2 CATT training course for 15 social work and psychology students, in partnership with the University of Kisubi, 10th-15th January: we awarded 10 level 2 certificates and 5 level 1 certificates Kisubi University L2 course participants

To facilitate data collection via face-to-face interviews with Ugandan CATT practitioners for the Social Impact Assessment on Luna’s work in Uganda over the past four years. Prior to the trip, a total of 14 online questionnaires had been completed. In Uganda, researcher Sapphire Allard completed 7 in-depth interviews.  Observation of the training courses and first-hand experience of children in Lira added a depth of understanding and context to the research, which Sapphire found very valuable. We expect her final report by Easter.

Under the umbrella of the Friends Project, to deliver a 2-day course in therapeutic play to volunteers working on the children’s ward at Butabika Hospital in partnership with St Luke’s Chapel. This 2-day course had been requested in February 2015 by Reverend Dismas and was planned and delivered by Pippa Barlow with support from Amy and Stella on day 1 (9th January) and from Brenda, Stella and Saffy on day 2 (16th January). The 36 participants included a number of hospital nursing staff who heard about the course and attended on their own initiative. We were delighted to have attracted such large numbers. The course included plenty of practical play activity such as the making of play dough and sand tray work, as well as theoretical inputs. As a consequence, several people signed up to support the ward as volunteers and nurses due to work there gained skills and motivation.WP_20160109_13_41_27_Pro

To provide mental health awareness training to teachers at the GEMS International School which supports educational activity on the children’s ward at Butabika Hospital

To review the implementation of child protection and safeguarding arrangements at Butabika Hospital, in conjunction with the East London Link

Under the umbrella of the Bishop Asili Counselling Centre Project, to visit the Centre in Lira and deliver school materials collected by Mill Chase School, Bordon plus donated children’s clothes. This three-day trip to the north of Uganda enabled Luna to meet the children who have been the recipients of CATT and of educational and sports equipment donated by Mill Chase School, and to learn more about their needs. The work being done there by Sister Florence Achulo and her team is exemplary.

Our team

Five people represented Luna for all or part of this trip, which was led by Trustee Stella Charman. Trustee Brenda Graham supported the Level 2 training course and child protection review, and visited the Bishop Asili Centre in Lira. The Level 2 course at University of Kisubi was led by experienced Ugandan trainer James Nsereko and recently-qualified trainers Sister Florence Achulo and Sister Bridget Kokiambo. Play Therapist Pippa Barlow planned and delivered the play course at Butabika Hospital with the help of Friends Project Manager Amy Maynard. They also spent time working on the ward and training nursing and other staff there to interact more effectively with the 20 children who are currently inpatients. They also assessed and trained Dismas, the permanent new St Luke’s weekend volunteer. Sapphire Allard undertook 6 face-to-face interviews with Ugandan CATT practitioners and trainers in Kampala, observed one day each of the Level 2 training and play training, and accompanied Stella and Brenda on the trip to Lira where she also interviewed Sister Florence.