Training pathway

Luna trains under licence to Trauma Psychology UK, and can help organisations and individuals working for humanitarian purposes with children affected by PTSD.  You must not have funds to access training by other means. Currently, Luna only offers training outside the UK.  If you work in the UK, or have funds to purchase training, please contact

Practitioner Training


eligibility: you should be a qualified person who works with children in a professional capacity.  Knowledge and experience of mental health is desirable, but not essential if you are working in a country where there are few mental health professionals.

format: group training course lasting 5 days.  Bespoke training for teams may be arranged on application.

what you will learn:

  • to understand all types of PTSD and the key symptoms
  • to explain mental health and psychological trauma to children, their families and communities
  • to treat children and young people using Children’s Accelerated Trauma Technique (CATT)
  • to work clinically with children whilst respecting children’s rights
  • to look after yourself and guard against compassion fatigue and secondary trauma

certification: you will be certified to use the CATT protocol with children as part of your professional practice. Please note, however, that CATT is a trademarked protocol and certifications does not allow you to share materials with others, nor to deliver training in CATT.

support: follow-up support and consultation for your group will be discussed at the end of your course.  You will be able to register on the practitioner section of Luna’s website, so that you can contact Luna’s clinical operations manager for advice, ask questions in confidence about your cases and access additional materials.

Trainer Training


eligibility: you should be an experienced CATT practitioner who is enthusiastic about using the technique with children in your care.  You will have treated and submitted evidence to Luna of a successful outcome in at least 5 cases.

format: training will be adapted to your needs and circumstances but will include two elements:

  1. a ‘training of trainers’ course run by Luna or another approved training provider
  2. a demonstration of your competence as a trainer, either through observed practical exercises or by assisting on a Luna practitioner training course.

what you will learn:

  • to teach others to apply the CATT protocol correctly
  • to adapt training materials to different cultural settings
  • to use case studies in teaching all stages of the protocol
  • to apply a variety of teaching methods that meet the learning needs of a diverse group
  • to work with an interpreter(s)
  • to consider and respond to the emotional needs of trainees

certification: you will receive a certificate of accreditation as a Luna CATT practitioner and trainer. You will be authorised to train others in CATT solely and exclusively when working in partnership with Luna Children’s Charity on a not-for-profit basis

support: you will become part of Luna’s training team and regularly contacted and updated, and invited to train on Luna’s practitioner courses as appropriate to your personal circumstances