Stella and Masa meet at Syrian mental health conference

On 24th April Luna Chair of Trustees, Stella Charman, delivered a workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey, on Luna’s CATT training in the Middle East. The occasion was the 4th conference of the Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH). This is an independent association of Syrian psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers that is registered in the UK. Luna’s first training course here in Turkey in 2014 was organized with the help of Dr Masa Alkurdi, who is a SAMH Committee member, and is pictured here with Stella. The conference was very well attended and featured some deeply moving and compelling presentations. It was wonderful for Stella to have this opportunity to meet again with many people who had trained with Luna on CATT courses in Turkey, and Lebanon in 2015, and to hear how they have applied their new skills in treating children. We heard much about how the crisis in Syria, described by one speaker as a ‘catastrophic moral failure of humanity’, has affected the mental health and undermined the security and rights of Syrian children and their families, both inside and outside the country. But it was inspiring to hear how so many dedicated and committed people are coming together to collaborate and rebuild educational, health and community structures and support networks. Luna is privileged to be playing a small part in this investment in the long-term recovery of the Syrian people.