Welcome to the practitioner section of Luna’s website!

CATT practice Ghalia & Dalal

Luna works with practitioner volunteers who are mental health professionals or professionals working with vulnerable children within a social care or educational context. This section has been created for those of you have been trained by Luna as CATT practitioners, working anywhere in the world.

If you have not been trained by Luna Children’s Charity, then we regret you cannot register or use the restricted sections of this website.  Instead please refer back to your CATT trainer for follow-up support and advice.

Luna is unable to offer CATT training to well-funded organisations/individuals operating within the UK, however training and consultancy on child-centred working and PTSD awareness is available, see “Do you need our help?”.

Luna’s training programme aims to train mental health professionals and frontline staff to make use of, and train others in, Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy (CATT). CATT integrates cognitive and arts therapies techniques to treat PTSD in children and young people who have been exposed to traumatic experiences such as war and violence. CATT is a child-centred therapy which does not rely heavily on linguistic and/or cognitive abilities, thereby making it accessible to children of varying ages and cultural backgrounds.