Research into trauma treatment and the cultural context for service delivery:

Allard, Bates and Skaarbrevik (2016) Social Impact Assessment of Luna Children’s Charity CATT Training in Uganda

SIA Uganda 2016

Chiumento, Nelki, Dutton and Hughes (2011) ‘School-based mental health service for refugee and asylum-seeking children: Multi-agency working, lessons for good practice’

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Edwards (2011) ‘Treating trauma in an African context’, chapter in Mpofu, E. (ed) Counselling people of African ancestry

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Favila and Felloe (2009) ‘Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Post-Genocide Rwanda’

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Rolington (2014) ‘Children, Mental Health, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: Investigating the Efficacy of Delivering Trauma Therapy through a Child-Rights Framework, reflection for Luna Children’s Charity’

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Stein and Nalugya (2013) ‘Does this Child have Nodding Syndrome? A Complex Case of Head Nodding in Uganda’

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Weston (2013) ‘CATT: How does a child-centered trauma therapy technique translate in a cross-cultural context?’

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Research into CATT:


Raby and Edwards (2011) ‘Unrecognized hospital trauma as a source of complex psychiatric symptoms: A systematic case study with implications for children’s rights and evidence-based practice’

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Raby (2010) ‘Service evaluation of a training course that teaches a new PTSD treatment protocol designed for children’

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Raby (2012) ‘An experimental investigation to explore whether the Children’s Accelerated Trauma Technique (CATT) lowers rates of distress when recalling a slightly embarrassing memory’

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Case Studies:

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