Meet Maya, our new general operations manager

May I introduce myself? My name is Maya Skaarbrevik.  Last week I started my internship as the General Operations Manager here at Luna Childrens Charity. I have just completed my second year at Sussex University for a Bsc in Psychology with Cognitive science, with my favourite topics being Developmental and Social Psychology. The work of the charity really spoke to me as I recognise the vital importance of access to mental health services for vulnerable children from my background as a psychology undergraduate, and I truly believe in what Luna is able to achieve globally. When I’m not busy with my studies, I love travelling. Last summer I took an interrailing trip all around Europe where I was able to visit 8 countries in 25 days!

This summer I aim to get a lot done for Luna. This includes shadowing our clinical operations manager, creating and maintaining ongoing communications with our practitioners abroad, and helping to develop our fundraising initiatives and strategies. I also have a lot of interest in the Middle East, having family from this region and visiting this area many times. I hope to get the ball rolling with future projects dedicated to this region as it is clear that there is much need for work and recognition of children’s rights.

I look forward to all my work with the charity, and to get in touch or keep up with any updates you can check out our Facebook page and Twitter profiles.