Luna’s got a new special project!

This is Miricia, Head Teacher of St Nicholas’ School in Kampala. Luna has a commitment to extending our reach and bettering communities as a whole, with special projects as well as our training programmes. Our new special project is focused on St.Nicholas’ School in Kalerwe, Kampala, Uganda. Support for the school will be led by play therapist Pippa Gray, who visited it last January and trained some of the staff including the Miricia. The school has close links to Luke’s Chapel at Butabika Hospital, which is already a training partner of Luna’s.

St. Nicholas serves 500 children in one of the poorest areas of Kampala, and due to the high level of poverty, many children are at risk of violence and extreme stress, and the associated trauma. Not only can many children in the area not attend school due to lack of funds, there is no provision for children with special needs, and many of the women are sex workers facing high levels of community and domestic violence. We want to help Miricia, the Head teacher of St. Nicholas’ School, to ensure a better future for the children and the rest of the community. We are planning to raise funds for the school that will aid special needs provision, proper parent education regarding early years development, proper sanitation facilities and resources including a new toilet refurbishment and feminine hygiene products. This is an ongoing project, so look out for future ways you are able to help Pippa and Luna make a real difference to the community around St. Nicholas’ school!