Commitment to the healing of the children of Syria – from our CATT course in Jordan

It is easy to give you the basic facts about Luna’s CATT training courses: the number of trainees, how many passed, how much we have spent of your money, and so on. But it is MUCH harder to convey to you the feelings that emerge during the course. Participants speak to us about their own experiences of war and displacement, and the suffering of the children they work with. We have heard many sad stories over the past week in Jordan, where roughly 1.3 million refugees live in camps and among the local Jordanian and long-term Palestinian populations. This time the Luna team did not visit one of the camps, but we saw children begging in the streets and among traffic in Irbid, a city of around 1m people only 20k south of the Syrian border. Our training partner, the Syrian American Medical Society, provides psychological and emotional support with a strong, skilled team of psychologists and counsellors. The majority are refugees themselves. So they placed enormous value on learning a new way to treat children more quickly and effectively. They were delighted with the CATT protocol, which uses children’s imaginations and ability to develop and heal through play. As we shared our skills together, we became aware of our common humanity and resilience in the face of adversity. By the end of the week we all shared in a sense of hope that the Middle East will soon emerge from its current trauma. We had a wonderful end-of course celebration during which we were presented with this beautiful red rose created by Marwa and signed by all the participants, which now represents our shared commitment to the emotional healing of the children of Syria. red rose small